The time when she came out of cocoon,
The world around her said that she was a boon,
Fiery colors on her wings,
Those small glittering eyes with the majestic twisted rings,
They said she was a charm for the clan,
As she flutters her wings, they sparkle the barren lands,
Her mates always believe in her super natural powers,
They knew that her single touch blooms the flowers.


The queen fly too adores her beauty,
She sees her as a reflection, to whom she can convey her duties,
For she is young and fierce, yet wise,
The elderly mass often grow skeptical about the queen’s choice.
The decisive time is yet to come,
When the queen had to choose among the aspiring sum,


Here, the unaware beauty flies so high,
Carefree of the heights without those sighs,
Though she know her clan is not meant for crossing the heights,
Still she finds pleasure in those far flung flights.
She knows that she has something unique in possession,
She feels satisfied but never loses her fashion,


For her, the life is about tickling the rattles,
Jumping above and below, unwrapping the petals.
She does what she likes, she likes what she does,
This is her soul’s karma, her journey, her purpose.
Gradually, she got to know,
The world has unleashed only a scene of the major show.
The world around her wants her to lead the clan,
To master the arts, to shun her futile plans.


As she dwelled deeper in its ideologies,
She lost herself, shrunk, as if she has been creased.
The omnipresent invisible bounds are deceitful, she now knows,
Benevolence is not as easy as its tale goes.
The feeling of concern, for her loved ones, forced her on the way,
Where she has to play, the role, which never existed, when she cast her play.


As she accepted the life, that is served on her platter,
The butterfly lost her shimmer with her dreams shattered.
She know owns the place, where once she met the queen,
Now, she commands her clan, as she did in her reign.


She wonders, does she do what she likes?
However that does not matter now,


As she had surrendered herself to a journey called life.

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