The bird they slew


There lived a girl, who once claimed to attain the limitless wisdom one day,
Who, owned the wings to fly through the limitless bay,
To cross the limitless heights,
To possess a palace beyond the skies,
Whose wet palms, never caught the futile flow,
But they were firm to hold her dreams upright rendering a blissful glow.


The grip she made to the eternal longings,
To have her tyranny over her future belongings,
She then danced to the tunes,
Bringing along the mob, to live their moment under the moon,
She told them that the moon will reflect the expressions of their own,
On the days of their ecstasy, when they danced, he also shone.


The rhythm of melody as it flew with the winds,
The blind too imagined the tale with her taps, transfixed with everlasting grin.
On the top of the tower sits the blue bird, hungry and wry,
The girl gets her grief and drops the crumbles that went dry.
Vanilla and brownie once make her radiant the charm,
Now she can hardly pay heed to the savouries and the swarms.


As her father steps in the room, and let her his hours,
She wipes away her drops and the trembling showers,
And knowing that his girl’s tears will never dry,
Transforming his gestures, sequence of escape routes he tries,
To bring back the shine and the subdued glow,
But he knows he is not almighty to stop the unusual flow.


For the passage she now has in her journey,
Is, full of thorns, and the game plays of attorneys.
As the night was full of dark and terror,
The blood red faces and the cries of horror.
It was the day for which she had waited so long,
Her dreams and the skies, she owned the stage where she belonged.


The hours of toil, she devoted,
To move her waist round the curve as the mentor quoted.
She was a born prodigy, as her grandmother claimed,
Who herself owns the titles and the fame.
Five was her age when she grabbed the title of hall star,
From then her legs never shunned and crossed every emerging bar.


The Nineteenth annual international ball it is called,
For every nurturing bird it is a sky thereby stalled,
A plethora of human souls will be there to connect to her moves,
The nightmares of flaws and pitfalls is what that haunts her inner groves.
Her grandmother assured her the path will be enlightened,
When she will be inside the hall she won’t be frightened.


And then she knew that the moon reflects her powers,
She looked angelic when she appeared in blue frills with tucked Cronus flowers.
As her hands transformed into rhythmic mystical waves,
The crowd screamed in exuberance and captured the exultant soul, so brave.
With the melody, there come a surge of chaos,
The girl was thrown back with the emerging red too fierce.


She succumbed to the glow and warmth of the devastating fire,
There was a blast, and confronting her were the countless diers.
The ecstatic mob ceases to exist,
The moon too now refuses his brightness to persist .
She lay frigidly over the planks of the ruined form,
The cries and howls drained her ears inducing a deafening storm.


Her hazel eyes now drowned in the sleep that seemed eternal,
The fire and the eerie tones faded to numbness-nocturnal,
Lying like a lifeless mass in a chamber, she did opened up her eyes,
However, she noticed, the sounds missing were the deafening cries.
Missing were her limbs too,Bursting into a dead sea of non existence,
She screamed with the anguish that her shackled heart drew.


She is nothing, but a discarded thorn of the flower,
The one, that once bloomed, spreading its aura, symbolizing power,
Why she exists is the question that tolls?
The withered body is hollow with a drained soul.
The tears she shed won’t rotate the wheels of the cog.
The world that faces her is submerged in dense veil of fog.


She no longer trusts the moon, as he cheated,
The news lines running in background add to the fire brutally ignited.
The wrath towards the doers is the flame that has spread through the hays,
How can they remain souls stuck in bodies after the inhumane game they played?
The plays of attorney and the mocking words of wise punishment they blew,
Can never curb the grief of the bird they nearly slew.





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